Our Story

It all started with a cigar box. Bob Dobbins, a local barber and outdoor enthusiast, had been selling hunting gear, shooting supplies, and outdoor equipment as a side job; keeping the earnings in a cigar box. In October of 1985, he took that cigar box and opened a small outdoor specialty shop attached to his barber shop where he, his wife, and son sold from an eclectic inventory of hunting clothing, fine guns, and pipe tobacco. Both their passions and those of their customers could be seen through the changing product selections and the growing showroom over the years; including fly fishing, canoes, and climbing gear. Over the past 30 years, with numerous expansions and relocations we’ve seen the Woodsman Co. family grow (in some cases, literally), from being raised on the showroom floor to running the showroom floor. Partners and product selections have changed, but our mission of finding, stocking, and selling the best products in the outdoor specialty market is still the way we fuel our passion.